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Infernal trio put their heart’s content


This kind of blonde hottie is trying to make up quietly while his slave, a devilishly horny brunette, is handcuffed in a corner of the room. Equips the blonde, put on a dildo and then approached her slave to kneel. She takes pleasure in him push that big plastic dildo deep in the mouth and see his gear suck like a bitch, then grab a pear for her anus splashes of white liquid. Ass totally defiled, the brunette saw the arrival of his second master, the guy who shoves his rod right in the throat. She sucks obediently then flanked on all fours to receive the body of Mr deep inside her. The type also enters delicious pussy of his wife, then takes the two cars in the lounge. There, he became the sole master of the game these two sluts holes are completely to him, he has one after the other without sparing his cock strokes … Under the excited cries of these bitches, type feels pleasure climb louder, then squirts all her pussy on the sap of his wife.

Date: February 22, 2020

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